Art North feature

There is a nice featurette of my ‘Shapes of Water’ commission in the latest edition of Art North magazine. I responded to an open call for artists working with risograph printing. I learned how to use risograph printing specifically for this body of work, because it uses vegetable-based inks rather than oil-based inks.

Sadly the ‘Shapes of Water’ exhibition with the Travelling Gallery couldn’t tour this year as planned, although it is set to run in 2021 so we’ll look forward to that!

Art North is an independent art publication run from the northern highlands of Scotland. It focuses on visual art of the northern latitudes and is distributed internationally. It supported artists during lockdown with online exhibition opportunities and has more projects in the pipeline.

To learn more, go to:

Etsy shop now live!

I’ve been working for the last few weeks on getting my Etsy shop together and I’m glad to say that it’s now open!

As product photographer I’ve enjoyed confusing the neighbours taking loads of shots of small items in the garden 🙂

The shop contains collections of my lasercut and etched jewellery all designed, cut and finished at home by me. I will be adding art prints to the store over the coming weeks too… exciting!

Check it out!

Wild raspberry inspiration

Foraging locally, I have found an abundance of wild raspberries… sweet, sharp and full of vitamin C. It inspired me to design and lasercut a wild raspberry jewellery collection!

I made these raspberries in clear and opaque pink acrylic perspex and took them out for a few photos in the field.

Earrings: Lasercut and etched 3mm pink acrylic perspex. Raspberry size 11mm x 15mm. Designed from an original hand drawing. With silver plated hook fittings.

Necklace: Lasercut and etched 3mm pink and green acrylic perspex. Raspberry size 17mm x 20mm, leaf size 10mm x 15mm. Designed from an original hand drawing. With a 410mm silver plated snake chain.

Earrings set – £14 including UK P&P

Pendant – £22 including UK P&P

Orders can be made here:

If this is a gift, let me know if you would like a personalised messag with the order!

John Muir day 2020

Happy #johnmuirday ! John Muir was a Scottish naturalist, pioneer of the American National Parks all round nature activist. ‘Nature’s Temple’ is one of my current reads, here’s a wee bit of it:

“…to the outer ear these trees are silent, but their songs never cease. Every hidden cell is throbbing with music and life, every fibre thrilling like harp strings while incense is ever flowing from the balsam bells and leaves.”

Beautiful. Thank you John Muir, it is good to collectively remember you today.

Wild daffodil

‘Wild daffodil’ (2020) coloured pencil on 280gsm cartridge paper, 20x20cm

My creative exploration of the geometry of the natural world continues with this recent drawing, ‘Golden hexagon’. This started for me as an intuitive creative practice, but the more I follow it the more I am led into mathematics, philosophy and science.

During this time of ‘lock down’ (I see it as ‘opening up’) I have been engaging with the work of Robert Edward Grant and his philosophical geometry live sessions online. It’s a great opportunity to hear from him and discover some of his work and research in sacred geometry, maths and spirituality. I enjoy his approach as he is well versed in maths, science, art, music, philosophy and weaves all of these elements together in his sharings.

This drawing has been inspired by Robert’s work. I recommend you look him up if you’re interested in finding out more.

Mini ‘Shapes of Water’ exhibition books

As our ‘Shapes of Water’ exhibition is sadly postponed for now, so I’ve decided to make miniature versions of it in book form. A pocket exhibition!

I repurposed test A3 risograph prints and folded them down into A5 book formats. I then digitally rescaled my original water molecule designs, recoloured them and printed giclee copies on recyled paper which I attached to the books. I also finished the pages with grahite pencil drawings, as I did on the walls of gallery space itself.

Each book features the 8 Scottish river patterns that are in the exhibition: River Tay, River Dee, River Forth, River Spey, River Esk, River Clyde and River Tweed.

I have a limited edition of 10 books. 2 of each colour: cream, yellow, green, pink and brown fsc certified recycled paper. Each is uniquely arranged and containing all 8 river patterns. Please contact me if you would like to own one.

In this collection I asked:

Can our thoughts and emotions influence the crystalline structure of water?

Dr. Masaru Emoto tried to prove that human consciousness could change water, creating harmony or dissonance in it’s structure. Based on this conjecture, I have visualised Scottish waters in a state of optimal health and balance, relative to our own inner states of peace, health and wellbeing – – –

The ‘Shapes of Water’ collection has been commissioned by the Travelling Gallery, as part of Scotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters 2020.