Ever-true (2020)

“Geometry is the art of the ever-true” – Socrates

My own garden is the inspiration for this series. In a garden chaos meets order, growth meets death, darkness and light share purpose in a unified harmony. A garden is a microcosm of the macrocosm, where all forces play out in a dynamic and peaceful tension.

For me, abstraction and geometry are the best way to express the both the order and otherness of the natural world… it’s independence, it’s uncanny, it’s knowledge, it’s mystery. Too often we objectify and exploit natural resources, not seeing the larger being of Nature that we are interacting with and an intimate part of. In my creations I aim to return to Nature some if it’s rightful subjectivity.

Shapes of Water (2020)

‘Shapes of Water’ was commissioned by the Travelling Gallery for their Spring tour, as part of Scotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters 2020.

For this, I decided to work with Dr.Masaru Emoto’s research into the potential of water to be influenced by human thought and emotion. Emoto’s popular book ‘Hidden Messages in Water’ (2004) shows his experiments capturing images of frozen water molecules that had been exposed to a variety of different words and sound frequencies.

Dr. Emoto wanted to demonstrate that matter is responsive in ways that modern science often does not account for. The field of quantum physics has much in common with Emoto’s interests and concerns: that our world is fluid, responsive and has multiple dimensions.

Working with this idea, I imagined what water molecules from Scottish waters could look like in a state of optimal health and balance, in accordance with our own inner states of peace and positivity. The resulting work is a series of 8 risograph prints and 6 laser engraved petri dishes, expanding upon the possibilities of Emoto’s research relative to my local environment.